Wale Talks Not Getting The Recognition Of Kendrick & Drake, Leaving Roc Nation + "Album About Nothing" (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Wale had a lot happen in his career over the last several months. He had an unfortunate public riff with fellow Maybach Music Group member Meek Mill, he left Jay Z's Roc Nation for new management, and he began prepping the upcoming release of his The Album About Nothing. The "LoveHate Thing" emcee visited The Breakfast Club to discuss those topics and more.

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It was announced in August that Wale parted ways with the Roc to join LeBron James at 77 North Management. According to the DMV native, the split with Jay was difficult, but amicable.

"It was [hard leaving Roc Nation]. I was with them when it was S. Dot Enterprises," said Wale. "To me, personally they're going in another direction. There's sports."

While 77 covers the branding, Wale is focusing on the music. He reveals his fourth studio album will be a throwback to his popular mixtapes.

"I'm kinda letting my core fans A&R the project. I'm zeroing in on things that made them grow to love me early in my career like when I was doing The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing," Wale explained. "I'm trying to focus on those things sonically, and I'm not running away from those things no more."

Of course, the situation between he and Meek was brought up. Wale recalled the moment when he first found out that Meek blasted him on Twitter.

"I was hung over. I was in Vegas the night before. I overslept. I crawled to my plane," Wale stated. "I get to my hotel. I watch Monday Night Raw, and I went to sleep. Woke up and I thought it was somebody 'trolling,' somebody with a fake retweet. I was just looking at the joint like, 'Damn shawty, wassup?' Then I saw the, 'don't even text me' joint. I was like, 'alright, well okay."

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Wale added he still has love for Meek, but he admits he has not been able to call or visit the Philadelphia rapper since he has been incarcerated.

Charlamagne also asked Wale if he was bothered by the fact his records don't get the same amount of media attention as some of his peers like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J. Cole. Wale said it does.

"Maybe it's [my fault]. Kendrick dropped that joint yesterday and [people were saying] 'Nobody makes feel good rap'. What? You're gonna tell me I didn't make 'Sunshine'? That's a damn good record," expressed Wale. "[People] say 'Nobody has content'... 'Black Heroes'... That s**t hurt me though, cause I'm like, 'Damn dog, the s**t I'm saying on that record. That s**t hurt. Why the f**k is it falling short? What am I doing?"

Wale then requested the public not define him off songs like "Clappers" but rather songs like "Black Heroes," "Gullible," and "The Curse Of The Gifted." Tracks he says encourages people to embrace their gifts and follow their ambition. He also questions if he struggles to connect with listeners because he has dark skin as compared to Drake and Cole who have light skin.

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Watch Wale's interview below.