Walmart Pulls Rick Ross’ New Album

AllHipHop Staff

Free Speech?

Walmart has reportedly pulled Rick Ross’ new album Black Market over a line that seems to threaten presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“Assassinate Trump like he’s Zimmerman,” Ross says in the song “Free Enterprise.”

The album does not come up in a search of Walmart’s online site. How the brick & mortar stores have addressed the album remains to be seen. Other Rick Ross albums are still available.

One vlogger named Mark Dice is taking responsibility for the move from the retail conglomerate.

Under his video, he explained why he lobbied for the album to be taken off shelves.

The statement says: “Walmart has apparently pulled Rick Ross's new album Black Market after media analyst Mark Dice called them to bring to their awareness that the first track on the album 'Free Enterprise' calls for the assassination of Donald Trump.”

Dice gloated in an online video.

Many online have questioned whether or not it was actually Dice that made Walmart remove the album.

Walmart has made no formal comment on the matter.

"Free Enterprise" is below.

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We all know about the Walmart store how much famous is it? Walmart always considered the benefits of its employees, so they have created an online portal for employees to know about required notices, pay stubs, schedules at one place.


it can be Walmart or someone else, i have even chacked the same on but found nothing