Want To Bet On Jay-Z Buying The Nets?

There's speculation that Jay-Z will by the Nets and bring them back to Brooklyn.With

an investment team behind him that has the highest bid of $267 million dollars,

it appears that Jigga may pull it off.

If you are a gambler,

Intertops.com, a Casino and Sportsbook website, is taking bets on whether or

not Jay-Z will actually purchase the team.

"This is an

interesting development between the world of music and sports," said Intertops.com

Chief Bet Manager Michael Maerz. "Jay-Z's fellow artist P.Diddy is also

looking to buy the Knicks. It will be very interesting to see how the image

of the NBA changes if these purchases happen. It could become really hip and

provide even more entertainment for the fans when celebrities turn up at the

games. Hats off to Jay-Z for being a homeboy who wants to invest in a local


In related Jay-Z

news, the rapper is preparing to release his Black Phone this Friday (December


The album will

come preloaded with the entire Black Album on a multimedia cared for MP3 playback,

Jay-Z True Tones, wallpapers, weekly text messages and even a monthly voice

message from the rapper for a limited time.

The Black Phone

will be available for approximately $124 (after mail-in rebates) at select Sam

Goody and Media Play locations nationwide.