Warrant Issued For Tyga Over Fan's Injury; Rapper Will Have To Post $250k

It seems like everyone is after some money from Tyga.

(AllHipHop News) Tyga is a wanted man and hopefully, he has some cash in his bank account.

The cops just issued a bench warrant for the troubled rap star, who missed another hearing over a lawsuit filed by a fan back in 2015.

Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga’s company Tyga Music after a light stand fell on her during one of the rap star’s shows in Michigan.

She scored a victory in 2016 after a judge awarded her over $230,000 for head trauma and permanent scarring she endured following the accident.

Tyga has been dodging paying the huge judgment, and now a judge has issued the warrant and his bail will be set at $250,000.

The rapper has had a tough week.

First, he was caught freaking out on camera and reaching for his security guard's gun after a dustup with creditors who showed up at Floyd Mayweather's birthday party in Los Angeles last month.

Then less than a week later, Tyga was sued by Midway Rent-A-Car for failing to pay the leases on a 2012 Ferrari 458 Spider and a 2012 Rolls-Royce Ghost in 2016.

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Keeping up with the Kardashian is not going well for him.....