Warren G's Open To Catering For Donald Trump: I Ain't No Sell-Out, I'm A Businessman

The barbecue entrepreneur explains why he would serve the POTUS.

(AllHipHop News) Saying Donald Trump is a polarizing figure would be a severe understatement. Just being connected to the controversial president has caused celebrities, particularly African-American celebrities, to face backlash from their fans.

Kanye West, Steve Harvey, Ray Lewis, Mary Mary’s Tina Campbell, Omarosa, Jennifer Holiday, and others all met the wrath of Black Twitter after showing some level of support for the former star of The Apprentice. While his approval rating is hovering around 40%, Trump does still have supporters, and he is clearly influential.

So is it worth it for a famous person to be associated with Trump in any way? G-Funk pioneer/BBQ entrepreneur Warren G was asked if he would cater a meal for the POTUS.

"Hell yeah," answered Warren during an interview with Raq Rants. "It'll cost a lot, but sh-t yeah. I'm a businessman. I ain't gonna sit up there and say, 'Nah, I ain't gonna do that.' If you wanna eat motherf-cker, alright, pay me."

He continued, "Cause what I'm gonna do is come right back here and open up businesses in the neighborhoods for these people to have jobs, so you won't be trying to down him... I ain't no f-cking sell-out, I'm a businessman."

Many Hip Hop stars have been vocal about their opposition to Trump, most notably YG with his "FDT" single and Snoop Dogg with his Make America Crip Again imagery. In September, 50 Cent revealed he turned down $500,000 to campaign for the then-Republican presidential candidate. The G-Unit leader expressed, "Nah, that's not good money.'"

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50 my nigga said it best, all money ain't good money. Yes, Warren G you are a sell out. Will you suck his ding-dong if he pays you enough? You are a business man right?