Warren G.'s Video 'I Need A Light' Debuts Online

Warren G., one of the pioneers of the "G-Funk" sounds, is back once again with a new album The Mid-Nite Hour and video for his lead single "I Need a Light" featuring Nate Dogg.

Warren's latest video premiered worldwide on MySpace.com this past Tuesday (Jan. 24) and has already reached over 28,000 plays.

"'I Need a Light' is a song to sit back and listen to if you are stressin' over something," Warren G. "Listen to the hook and it makes you feel good. I'm talking about growing up in Long Beach, some of the s**t I went through, everything from what I saw as a kid up until now."

The video opens with a look at Long Beach, California, during Warren's childhood with Snoop Dogg and Nate.

"The overall tone of the video shows the classic side of Warren - how he built his empire from the streets of Long Beach and expanded it to the world," said director Paul Hunter. "He is showing everyone that we can have a good time, look good and dress well. It's really about the classy style of Hip-Hop."

Warren's new album In The Mid-Nite Hour is the fifth studio album from the Cali rapper.