Was Juice WRLD Being Racially Profiled By Law Enforcement?

Yohance Kyles (@HUEYmixwitRILEY)

People connected to the "Lucid Dreams" performer have questions about his run-ins with the feds.

(AllHipHop News) Following the news of Juice WRLD's death on Sunday, there were reports claiming federal agents have been monitoring the 21-year-old rap star since November. 

Individuals connected to Juice are now suggesting race may have played a role in his issues with law enforcement, including the Homeland Security officials that found three handguns and 70 lbs of marijuana on his final flight. 

TMZ reports:

Sources who regularly interacted with Juice and were close to him tell TMZ ... all of the run-ins he had with cops are more than suspicious. The fact feds just happened to show up at multiple airports where he and/or his private jet were searched is enough for Juice's inner circle to believe this might well have something to do with race and rappers.

Juice WRLD (born Jarad Higgins) died on December 8 after traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago on a private jet. He apparently suffered a seizure from taking multiple Percocet pills on the plane, but the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office was unable to establish an official cause of death after the initial autopsy. 

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It was only a matter of time before the race thing came up


Racially profiled? dude had 70lbs of weed on his plane! you telling me that this dude never did anything like this before and that this was the first time? Whats next, you going to say that since the Feds were watching he said fu*k it, might as well do the dirt they think I do? Maybe he was being extorted by some real Gs to move weight on his private charters and thats who the Feds wanted... Everyone talking like he's a "good person" so extortion would be the only reason why he'd have all that weight.