Washington D.C. Rapper Wale Talks President Donald Trump, POTUS Announces He Is Going After Gang Members

AllHipHop Staff


(AllHipHop News) Wale is not a supporter of Donald Trump, however he does believe the 45th POTUS is uniting the country.

Wale, who hails from the nation's capital, discussed Donald Trump's performance since the billionaire real estate mogul/reality show host was elected President of The United States in January.

"If there's any silver lining in this s##t, it's that people of all walks of life are coming together and that s##t makes me feel proud for humanity," Wale said. "We got a wild person in charge right now. But what I see happening is less hate amongst different creeds and walks of life. The Muslims, the Jews, the gays, the transgender.

"All people are just like 'You know what? There's a greater purpose, there's a bigger enemy.' And I think that's the silver lining in this whole thing."

In related news, President Trump took a brief break from Twitter, to swear in controversial Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

During the press conference, President Trump vowed to stop crime from terrorists and violence against law officers, through a series of tasks forces that will be created through some new executive orders just signed into law.

“It's a shame what's been happening to our great truly great law enforcement officers that's gonna stop officers. That's going stop as of today,” Donald Trump promised. “Today's ceremony should be seen as a clear message to the gang members and drug dealers terrorizing innocent people. Your day is over a new era of justice begins and it begins right now.”