Washington D.C. Records Labels Unite For Album

Leading Washington, D.C. record

labels and artists have announced a landmark collaborative project to showcase

the Hip-Hop talent located in the nation’s capital.

In an effort to give the world a 'panoramic' view of the Capital City's bustling

Hip-Hop scene, leading D.C. based imprints recently joined forces to launch the

landmark project, Joint Venture.

The collaboration features acts from Mad Power Unit Records, One Way Records,

Block Boss Entertainment and One Up Entertainment.

"My vision is to bring Hip-Hop to D.C., as Mayor Williams did with baseball.

With a field of the best players that the arena has to offer, the Joint Venture

project will put all eyes on D.C. Hip-Hop," said Tupac D. of Mad Power Unit


While Washington, D.C. has long been known for being both the cradle and the capital

of Go-Go music, its thriving underground Hip-Hop circuit has mostly gone unrecognized.

"Certainly, the goal is to establish D.C. as a mega force in the music industry

and to unite the city," added Rich Nieze, of One Up Entertainment. "One

Up has been a -part of a number of platinum and multi-platinum projects. Yet,

we always felt we were on an island -- far from other people that shared the vision,

until now."

Joint Venture will feature artists from each imprint including D.E.B.O., MPU and

Tone (Mad Power Unit Records); Hots (One Up Entertainment); The Oy Boyz and The

Young Farmers (Oneway Records) and Kingpin Slim (Block Boss Entertainment).

Joint Venture is scheduled to hit stores in March 2006.