Watch: A$AP Rocky Beat A Guys Ass In Stockholm, Sweden

AllHipHop Staff

The rap star got into a tussle on the streets of Stockholm yesterday.

(AllHipHop News) A$AP Rocky and his crew could be looking at some legal problems in Sweden on Sunday (June 30).

The rapper and several of his associates were involved in a street fight in the middle of Stockholm, over a dispute over a pair of headphones and accusations of groping.

Two men accused Rocky of breaking a pair of headphones earlier in the afternoon, which sparked a verbal altercation.

When one of Rocky's female associates interrupted their argument to say she was groped by one of the men, all hell broke loose.

A$AP Rocky beat up one of the guys and three of the rap star's associates joined in the fracas and gave the unidentified man a complete ass whipping.

The police came and investigated the fight and took witness statements.

So far, no charges have been filed.

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spook show
spook show

Nah they are not showing the whole video. Them damn Muslims attacked them first. Followed them for blocks. Two Sweden girls even said they had sexually assaulted them before. I can’t believe I’m taking up for ASAP Rocky, but I am. Did smashed headphones over his bodyguards head, then said he owed him money for the headphones. They followed them for blocks. They kept telling them to leave them alone. They didn’t even do anything when they smashed the bodyguard in the head. They wouldn’t stop. Fuck those Migrants. They have raped many women over there. They are pieces of shot that should be sent back to their country.

No. 1-4

I love how the "hard" rappers are never caught on video getting in the 1 on 1 fade. 4 cats to jump a boy who look like a hs school freshman? We used to call these guys bitches back in the day, I guess it's cool now...smh.


The kid looks like he is 15


I'd take the clip of the foreign kid saying my name for a drop if I was Rocky tho..