Watch Tekashi 6ix9ine Lose It After Gunmen Shoot Up His Video Set

6ix9ine gets caught on camera asking his crew to lie to the cops.

(AllHipHop News) 6ix9ine may be locked up for the holidays, but he's still managing to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Footage of the rapper freaking out on the set of a video shoot that was shot up by gunmen in Los Angeles in November has hit the net.

The rapper was preparing to shoot a video with Nicki Minaj and Kanye West inside an $80 million mansion when gunmen sprayed the set with gunfire.

Shortly after the incident, 6ix9ine pleaded with his associates to tell the cops he was not on the set when the violence erupted.

6ix9ine seemed to know any mention of his involvement could have sent him right to back prison after he just beat a prison term for violating the terms of his sentencing for sexual assault charges against a teenager.

The news caps off another bad week of headlines for 6ix9ine, as he sits behind bars facing decades in prison on racketeering charges for a string of violent incidents dating back to 2015.

Last week, it was revealed Houston cops issued a warrant for his arrest for missing a court date over an altercation with a teen aged fan at the Galleria Mall.

The rapper obviously could not make the hearing due to his incarceration on the racketeering charges, but the judge issued the warrant anyway as a formality.

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