We Can’t Give What We Don’t Have: Peace

The savage murder of Nick Berg has shocked and horrified many Americans, regardless of their stance on the war. For many Americans this registers as a new “high” or “low” depending on how the war affects them emotionally.

I have tried to debate the various reasons why I have been against this “fight for liberation” countless times. Eventually I came to a simple conclusion, and my position is not a “conservative” or “liberal” one, as I am not speaking as a Democrat or a Republican. I am speaking as a man, tired of the violence before him. I speak as a man working hard to ensure that there is peace for the youth in this day and the days to come.

Simply stated, we cannot give what we don’t have. We cannot export that which we don’t create. This is the American dilemma in our quest for “peace” and “democracy.”

Recently a homeless man asked me for a few extra bucks. I normally would have given him some, but times are hard and I had just bought my kids lunch. I had nothing to give him and hated that fact, but had to be honest with myself.

Similarly, America has not been able to bring peace and economic stability to the Bay View Hunter’s Point section of San Francisco. It has not been able to do it in South Central Los Angeles, Houston, Boston, New Orleans or the South Bronx.

Now America is going to give a people that it has numerous linguistic, cultural, dress code, religious, historical and philosophical barriers with - PEACE? How is this possible? America has more in common with Bloods and Crips with regards to language, dress code, religion, history, etc. than it does with Iraqis.

How can we give the Israelis and Palestinians a peace we cannot give the Bloods and the Crips, or Big Block and Westmob? We can’t stop violence between Nortenos and Sur sets, but we will stop the ugly clashes between Shiite and Sunni Sects? Unarmed Black men are murdered by police without justice being rendered but we will lead the cause for justice over seas?

Obviously the American government’s arrogance has overridden its clarity of thought. This incredible mistake of vision and lack of authentic follow-through will cost this generation and possibly several after untold amounts of lives and dollars.

We have failed to see that true peace cannot manifest from looking at poster images of past injustice. It does not come about by regurgitating clichéd lines from past movements and outdated icons. True peace begins inside each one of us. Most of us find it through faith in something greater than ourselves. This peace radiates out to those we love and those within our communities, and hopefully, if we are blessed enough, throughout our

nation. Only by achieving this peace can we go abroad and have the moral

authority and the hands-on know-how to give another people anything good that we may have to share.

Start your peace movement today, within yourself. I will try to start mine. If we can begin to do it personally, eventually, we will be able to give it out globally. While we are working on the above, let’s make sure we vote Nov. 2nd and GET BUSH OUT!!!

Adisa Banjoko is host of "One Mic Radio", downloadable at www.iciclenetworks.com . He can be contacted at soulpolisher2001@yahoo.com .