We'll Always Love Our Mommas

Throughout the history of Hip-Hop, we hear countless tales of how missing fathers shaped the lives of many trappers, rappers, and gun clappers. Today however, we are going to focus on the positive and showcase the one person that all rappers can give shout outs to, whether they are queens or fiends.

Here's a look at some mom-powered tributes of both audio and video for your Mother's Day consumption. Shout to all the moms out there, and to all you ungrateful kids, make that phone call, send those flowers and show your mothers that you care. Enjoy your lazy Sunday!

Mos Def - "Umi Says"

The patron saint of Hip-Hop consciousness and creativity, Mos Def dropped this gem on his classic solo Black On Both Sides. Bereft of traditional bar format but rich in soul and musicality, and featuring the vocal stylings of Mos, this joint was certified and unsyrupy. Shine that light, kid!

 Ghostface Feat. Mary J. Blige-"All That I Got"

One of the truly real artists in Hip-Hop, Ghostface Killah has always been known for his honest emotions an storytelling ability. While his partner Meth chose to rap about his down ass chick, Ghost used Mary for his #1 chick: Mommy. Powered by an old Jackson 5 sample, and bolstered by Blige's soulful execution, Ghost takes us back to his childhood of free lunch, shared clothing, and over crowded living, yet makng due and living due to a strong mother's love. Admit it, you probably cried over this song at least once. Don't worry, we won't tell.

Tupac- "Dear Momma"

This powerful tribute to his mother by the late, great Tupac Shakur was a brutally honest love letter to his flawed but not broken mother. The vid even featured an intro by the ever so proud Afeni Shakur. 'Pac wanted his mother to know as many of us do, that while our lives may not travel the paths we would have liked, we recognize the input the love and support we get from our mothers. You are appreciated.

Kanye West-"Hey Mama"

Whether you like him or not, one thing we all can appreciate is Kanye's love and devotion for his recently departed mother. Thankfully, 'Ye got to show that love while she was still here. How many of us can say the same? The whole Hip-Hop world shared his loss, and Kanye shared his heart with all of us. R.I.P. Donda West, Kanye's mother, manager, and best friend.

Sizzla-"Thank You Mama"

Sizzla lets all the mothers out there know that he recognizes his mother's struggles and support, and promises never to let her down, and to carry out all the dreams and aspirations she has had for him. Nice little change of pace. Listen to the words, and feel the vibe.

And now here's a couple joints that didn't have videos, but still represented that motherly love on wax, and one that's there just for kicks. Peace and look out for your Moms today.

Jay-z- "I Made It"

Although the Jiggaman had his mom on December 4th, this is the song he dedicated to her. Rock out.

Hurricane Chris-"Momma"

With Nicole Wray on the backup, Hurricane Chris thanks his mother for her role in his growth while refusing to throw his father under the bus, which is rare. Maybe if his label let him show this kind of range, his album would have done better

Plies-"Running My Momma Crazy"

Plies delivers a heartfelt apology to his momma for all the hood hustling drama he put her through. Slept on.

The Pharcyde-"Yo Mama"

Just to drop a little lightheartedness in, this ain't about appreciation, it's about clowning. These cats always injected some humor in their rhymes.