Web Of Shadows: Electro Rocks!

In the upcoming Spider-Man vehicle Web of Shadows, our friendly neighborhood web-slinger faces a New York invaded by an army of alien symbiotes led by arch foe Venom.For those of you not in the know, symbiotes take over the bodies of human hosts and turn them into violent superhuman monsters. Doesn't look so good for Spidey, now does it? While this game features fan favorite Wolverine on the back-up, and army of aliens and venom are not the only villians spiderman faces. In this just released clip from the game, we showcase long-time Spider-Man villain Electro. Electro is no Dr. Doom or any megalomaniacal villian with dreams of world domination. He simply wants a big score, a hot chick, and freedom from jail. Quite frankly when you have enough power to light up Times Square by yourself, you should be able get those in. Here's the clip. Looks like Spider-Man will have his hands full with this one.

Web Of Shadows: Elcectro - AllHipHop