Wednesday Fashion Feature: Are These Celebrity Couples Turning Into Each Other?

Do you think it's true that couples begin looking like each other as time goes on? Well these stars prove that this may be the case in the style department, at least on more than one occasion! Who knows who initiated it out of the two, but just check out a handful of these matching duos:

Amber Rose and Kanye West

Ah yes, the infamous "Kamber" - otherwise known as Kanye West and Amber Rose. Perhaps the best dressed celebrity couple around these days, Kamber agrees on an edgy, up to date style that blends high fashion with street swag. How adorable was it when they were spotted in Europe, rocking the same kicks?

Although each of them has their own unique style, we're guessing Kanye's bank account didn't hurt Amber in achieving her overnight fashion icon status.

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson pictured in NYC this weekend

Awe how cute, a matching bow tie and dress. From their Gothic Alice In Wonderland themed wedding to a recent NYC street sighting, its clear that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are both big fans of a sort of punk rock/hipster look. Wonder if their son Bronx will catch on to the heavy black eyeliner and jet black hair fad.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry pictured this weekend in LAX

The recently engaged Katy Perry and Russell Brand are starting to look as one already. Looks like Katy has traded in her bright red lips and bright pin-up girl image for a more subdued dark look. Are you feeling the change?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

We've seen these two in matching Halloween costumes - this year as angels, last year as fire fighters - but Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have taken it further than that. Along with many red carpet looks, they also seem to enjoy matching their winter outerwear too.

Cute or kind of corny?

Jay-Z and Beyoncé have always had one thing in common when it comes to fashion - a somewhat understated style. They both have generally played it safe with red carpet and street looks. Do you think they consciously coordinated outfits, like the two above?

David and Victoria Beckham

The always striking David and Victoria Beckham both have a sharp, polished look. They are trend setters, whether dressed casually or formally. We're sure wifey had an effect on David's ever advancing fashion sense, but either way, they are both usually on the same page with their ensembles. Seems they even rocked the same hairstyle at one point!

Christina Milian and The Dream

Wonder if The Dream and Christina Milian both woke up feeling like the 80s, or if they planned out their black and white matching ensembles. They have been caught more than once looking eerily similar - just peep hisjacket in precisely the same shade of orange as her dress:

How about you - have you started morphing into your significant other? Even slightly influenced by his/her style?