Wednesday fashion feature: "Brand Profile: Married to the Mob"

AllHipHop Staff

Created by 26 year-old Leah McSweeney, Married to the Mob is a cutting-edge streetwear line for women.

Kid Sister in the Lady Miss Cardigan by Married to the Mob

As stated on Married to the Mob's official website, the line is a tribute to the MOB, "'The Most Official Bitches' who through the ups and downs and highs and lows never failed to have Leah's back."

"Design inspiration for the label is literally up from the streets of New York and its clubs, secret hang-out spots and smoke-filled parties, making MOB equal parts chic, smart-mouthed, and definitely not-to-be-messed with."

Leah's funding for MOB came in a very unusual way. In 2005, a year after Leah started the line, she got into an altercation with a male police officer in NYC. The officer beat her so bad, she was left with a broken tooth and black eye. Leah took it to court, won the settlement, and invested the money into Married to the Mob. She eventually designed a tee that featured her mug shots on it. MOB is now flourishing with a full collection of tees, denim, knits and more, while Leah has become well known as a true NYC hustler.

Leah McSweeney

Beyond her business success, she is also a mother to baby girl Kier who just turned 2 years-old. MOB has successfully collaborated with Reekbok, Nike and other brands, creating exclusive gear that flew off shelves.

Limited Edition MOB x Reebok x Colette sneakers sold out instantly when released in Summer 08's Boss Lady interviewed Leah in Married to the Mob's NYC showroom, touching on everything from Leah's violent life-changing altercation with a cop to the concept behind the edgy brand: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsfree video player

Look out for an exciting contest with the brand coming soon, and get your MOB gear on

Shiny Kiss Hoodie by Married to the Mob

24th Street Jean by Married to the Mob

1982 Crew by Married to the Mob