Wednesday Fashion Feature: Find Out Why Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston Rep For YUMS

YUMS is a line best known for its mouth watering sneaker flavors and Dirty South influence. Launched in 2007, the Dallas-birthed brand has been serving up bold colors and designs along with premium quality materials in footwear and apparel. Kiki got a chance to catch up with the creative genius behind YUMS, graffiti artist turned "Supa Throwed" designer, Tex.

Find out about Soulja Boy's and Sean Kingston's involvement with the line, exciting upcoming YUMS news and much more! How did you first get your start in the footwear industry?

Tex: "I’ve been a sneakerhead for as long as I can remember. I took the initial drawings and designs I had to my longtime friend and now CEO of YUMS, JP McDade, and he made things happen on the business end. I feel really blessed that things came together as well as they did." How did the concept of YUMS first come about?

Tex: "The inspiration behind YUMS came from me coming up with a way to blend sneakers, fashion, music, art and flavor that embodied the whole Dallas look and feel. I sketched out the brand and designs, and those original drawings are what the brand is today. Can you tell us about acts like Soulja Boy and Sean Kingston's involvement with the line?

Tex: "We're always staying on the cusp of what's new and hot in the fashion and music industry, therefore our endorsement with Soulja Boy was fitting. He was the first national artist we teamed up with and he did an incredible job getting the brand recognized on a national level.

Soulja Boy Signature Low by YUMS

"Sean Kingston was a fan of the YUMS movement as well, we worked closely with both of them and created signature sneakers that were best sellers on and Dr. Jay's stores." Any exciting upcoming projects/collaborations in the works?

Tex: "The biggest news outside of our new products would be our new website and social network at; an interactive YUMS experience. Also, our involvement with NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas. We will be hosting a YUMS pop up store at the W Hotel and co-hosting events throughout the weekend with Dallas's own Dorrough, Play n Skillz, LA Lakers’ Ron Artest, Martellus Bennett of the Dallas Cowboys and many others. It is a great opportunity to showcase the YUMS movement as well as the fashion and music movement in Dallas. "From a product standpoint, we have our current line as well as many new additions to be proud of. In December, we launched 'The B.A.Y' which is a stylish black or blue hi-top with a mix of full-grain leather and denim followed by additions to the Sweet Series with the black and red Cherry Cola and the V VS1. "In the Spring, we're launching a new 20-SKU collection of YUMS New Era 59fifty hats, as well as new t-shirts. We just dropped the original 'Grustler' tee and new big face design as well. Everyone has to check out the website, it is out of this world." You recently partnered up with the shoe charity, Soles4Souls. Can you tell us more about your involvement?

Tex: "I had heard about what they do to help those in need around the world through my church so we reached out to them to donate shoes. We sent a substantial donation of shoes to them over the holidays and will be sending more shoes to them on a regular basis. We feel really blessed to be able to partner with them and help others". What's your personal favorite YUMS shoe?

Tex: "My favorite shoe right now would be Sean Kingston's 'Time Is Money' shoe. To me it is just a very comfortable, stylish, everyday color and look for a great price."

Tex with Sean Kingston With all of the rapidly increasing sneaker brand launches, what do you think keeps driving the success of YUMS?

Tex: "New styles, innovation and hard work. Our new tee The Grustler pretty much sums up the hard work behind our success. The definition of a Grustler is 'one who both Grinds and Hustles'. That is what we do as a company and that is what describes our fans and artists that represent us. Our customers and artists are part of the Yums Family. That is how we look at it and that is what sets us apart".

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