Wednesday Fashion Feature: Get to Know: NY Jets' James Ihedigbo

AllHipHop Staff

Kiki sat down to talk style with NY Jets Safety, James Ihedigbo.Find out about how his style has adapted since entering the NFL, what makes a woman attractive to him, and more.

After a Jets 3-Day Rookie Mini-Camp in 2007, James Ihedigbo's performance and determination helped land him in the NFL.

The 25 year-old University of Massachusetts graduate currently plays safety for the NY Jets, after being promoted from the practice squad in October 2008.

Previous to his NFL career, James excelled in football through both high school and college in Amherst.

Apart from his passion for the sport, James is focused on helping kids realize their full potential and succeed in life. He has started his own charitible foundation,"Hope Africa", which focuses on providing opportunities for young Africans to better themselves through education.

His mother and late father each earned a Ph.D from the University of Massachusetts, and went back to Africa to found their own school. After James' father passed away while he was in high school, James and his entire family have been intent on helping the school succeed.

Check out the interview with Kiki and James Ihedigbo below, and make sure you check out his site,, to find out more about the talented player! So you moved from Amherst, MA to New York about 2.5 years ago. Did your style change as you got settled into the fashion capital of the world?

James: I've always been stylish, but yes, it definitely did. I started dressing sharper, tweaked my look a bit. In MA I had more of a laid back preppy/urban look, and now my style is more GQ/urban. After getting into the NFL, did you find there was more pressure to always be on point when it comes to fashion? How did you deal with that?

James: Yes. I'm always going to different events and making appearances. There's fans around who want to take pics - I have to make sure my hair's freshly cut and I'm always on point. In my line of work I'm always in the media's eye, so different brands have me visiting their showrooms to pick out new clothes all the time. So do you pick out these clothes yourself, or do you have a stylist?

James: No I don't have a stylist. I've been approached with the idea, but I trust my own style. And yes, I go to the showrooms myself because I am picky about what I wear. What is your favorite brand?

James: Well I have a few... I like Sean John suits and urban wear. I wear a little Rocawear. I wear a lot of Artful Dodger and Express for that line. I don't rock a lot of Gucci, but I do like their shoes and shirts. Do you have a preference between streetwear brands and luxury labels like Gucci?

James: Not really. Whenever I'm in the mood to shop, I go out - and if i like something, I'll get it. It doesn't matter what label it is. I'm an "on the spot shopper", I know if i like something right away. What's your favorite look for a night out in a NYC club?

James: A fresh pair of black Creative Recreations, dark blue Artful Dodger jeans or Rock and Republic jeans, a black v-neck tee, and a black Gucci short sleeve button down. How about when you're just kicking it in Jersey?

James: I love rocking those vintage looking cartoon tees.. like a tee with an pic of Snoopy. A pair of True Religion jeans and Airforce Ones. Who do you consider a stylish man?

James: Can I say myself? (laughs)

James: Jay-Z. I really like his style. He can go from a business look to a street look easily. What makes a woman stylish in your eyes?

James: The thing about women that makes them sexy is not so much the clothes they're wearing, its their accessories and nice hair and makeup. If their clothes match their accessories, they look correct. And it's all about the individual, whether they can pull it off. Do you prefer seeing girls in urban gear and sneakers, or more dressed up?

James: I see beauty in females no matter what they are wearing, whether its urban clothing or not. Give our readers a few of your personal style tips. Make sure you have at least two items you're wearing match. Not everything has to match though. Always make sure you look sharp - iron your shirts, don't ever be caught in wrinkly clothes. Make sure your confidence and swagger is on, don't care about what other people think. As long as you're confident in how you look and feel good about it, that's all that matters.