Wednesday Fashion Feature: Is There Too Much Celebrity In Today's Fashion?

Celebrated stylist Nicola Formichetti may be a driving force behind Lady Gaga's fashion takeover, but he's hardly a fan of the growing influence celebrities wield over the fashion industry.

"There’s way too much celebrity in fashion," Formichetti recently told T magazine. "I don’t really like working with celebrities, so I try to stay away from that whole machine. But of course I have met some incredibly nice and creative people who just happen to be a 'celebrity'."

Formichetti currently works as Creative Director of Dazed & Confused magazine (UK) and Fashion Director of VOGUE Hommes (Japan), in addition to styling campaigns for brands including Alexander McQueen, Uniqlo and Dolce & Gabbana. While he's happy to make public his issues with today's celebrity-obsessed world, the half-Japanese, half-Italian talent (he says his racial mix contributes to his "East meets West, high fashion meets streetwear" style) has nothing but praise for Gaga, whom he calls "the new Madonna".

Nicola Formichetti (image:

"I first met her [Gaga] at a photo shoot for V magazine. It was an instant love," he says. "I had always stayed away from celebrity and musicians before, but she was so different. Instantly we understood each other completely. We started working naturally – all the videos, shows, tours, etc. She has such an amazing team around her, too, especially her creative director, Matthew Williams." As Lady Gaga's Stylist, Do You Think Formichetti Is Being Hypocritical When He Says "There's Way Too Much Celebrity In Fashion"? Or Do You Agree With His Views?

Source: T Magazine