Wednesday Fashion Feature - Trend Alert: Rugby Shirts

AllHipHop Staff

Rugby shirts have had their fair share of popularity over the years. Do many Americans actually care for the sport? Probably not. But the latest styles received on have a preppy, polished yet street look blended together which you can't lose with.

Available in various color combinations, and with different levels of details (embroidered patches, prints, buttons, etc.), these rugby shirts will have your repping for your favorite urban brands instead of actual rugby teams.

You may see the rugby look in various fabrics, but the classic heavy weight soft cotton fabric makes them even more ideal for brutal fall/winter months.

Rock them with a clean pair of jeans, some fresh sneakers or workboots and you're good to go.

Cop yourself a modern long sleeved piece like the Spoils Ruby by AKOO, the Rugby Top With Screen Back by COOGI, or the Polo Grounds Rugby by Triple 5 Soul:

The Spoils Ruby by AKOO

Rugby Top With Screen Back by COOGI

Polo Grounds Rugby by Triple 5 Soul

Crossover into a polo style, with short sleeved striped pieces like the Rugby Top by COOGI and the Gov'nor Polo by LRG

Rugby Top by COOGI

The Gov'nor Polo by LRG