Wednesday Fashion Feature: Trends Of 2009: Should They Stay Or Should They Go?

It's time to break down and discuss some of the most notable trends of 2009 in the urban market.

Kanye West

Although some of these trends may not be new, they were prominent this year.

We want to know whether you think they should stay, change up, or just die a painful death. Let's start with perhaps the biggest one -

The Rock Star:


Going beyond rock, it was more like heavy metal that infiltrated runways, hip hop and everything in between. As with most bold trends these days, it's another hit from the beloved 80s.

80s group Judas Priest

Common colors/shades associated with this trend:

All black everything, gray, silver, gold.Common fabrics associated with this trend:

Leather, spandex, vinyl, lace.Key pieces:

Leather leggings or pants, lace/fishnet tights, statement making black boots, black shades, fingerless gloves, ripped jeans, motorcycle jackets - add studs/spikes to all of the above, black nail polish, a half shaven head and/or mullett like Kelis - you're good to go, rock star.

Black Splatter Studded Bracelet by Hip Hop Wholesale

Hip Hop Meets Prep School:

Kanye West Nerd meets bad boy with this trend, as clever bow ties are mixed in with edgy colors, sneakers/boat shoes, and cardigans branded by streetwear labels rather than the college you attended.

David BeckhamCommon colors/shades associated with this trend:

Navy, red, white, tan, brown, pastel shades.Common fabrics associated with this trend:

Seersucker, cotton, linen, twill, wool, corduroy.Key pieces:

Bow tie, cardigans, flat front chinos, short shorts, "murses", plaid button down shirts, polos, boat shoes, rugby shirts denim shirts - now just cuff your pants and roll up your shirt sleeves for the true prep boy experience.

Wool Tartan Bow Tie by French Connection

Ska & Skate:

Lil Wayne

The ska trend stems from a music genre that falls between rocksteady and reggae, with roots from Jamaica. It falls somewhere between punk rock and skater, with an added Caribbean feel.

No Doubt really brought it back years ago, and somehow, it has found its way into hip hop.

No Doubt

Common colors associated with this trend:

Red, green, yellow, black.Common fabrics associated with this trend:

Canvas, flannel, cotton, polyester.Key pieces:

Dickies pants, Converse All Star kicks, graphic tees, bomber jackets, cargo shorts, plaid shirts, wallet chains - and of course a skate board.

Alfred Black Wallet by Nudie Jeans

The "Hopster":

The hopster is basically a spawn of the "hipster" - he just has more of a hip hop edge. Whereas hipsters are known for rocking muted colors and dirty off-white Vans canvas sneakers with more of an 80s punk look, the hopster more vibrant - think 80s hip hop.


He may throw on one of those retro thick gold chains, splashes of neon colors, and chunky sneakers that he tucks his super skinny jeans into. Instead of rocking a vintage graphic tee, he may rock a fresh colorful one by Billionaire Boys Club - with a lego heart by Dee & Ricky attached.

New Boyz

Common colors associated with this trend:

Gray, black, white, anything bright and/or neon - blue, pink, yellow, green - you get the idea.Common fabrics associated with this trend:

Denim, cotton, fleece, nylon.Key pieces:

Colorful skinny jeans, high top retro sneakers, "smedium" graphic tees and crewneck sweatshirts by streetwear labels, retro shades and scarves. Hop on, hopster.

B&W New York Sunglasses by SUPER

Hip Hop Meets Biker:

Thomas Jones What we are referring to here is west coast, tattoo inspired apparel and accessories (Ed Hardy, Affliction, etc.), paired with heavily embellished jeans, lots of bling, and fitted hats that must match up to your sneakers - exactly. Fans include southern rappers, NBA and NFL players. Common colors associated with this trend:

Primary and secondary colors (red, green, blue, orange, etc.), gold.Common fabrics associated with this trend:

Leather, cotton, denim.Key pieces:

Loud tattoo/bling'd out tees, denim with heavy embroidered images, leather patches, studs, etc., flashy sneakers, gold chains and lots and lots of ice.

Hearts A'Fire Tee by Christian Audigier

So you be the judge - and let us know if we missed any other trends that you love or can't stand anymore! What do you think the future holds for urban fashion? Will men's style continue down the "metrosexual" route, or will trends like American workwear take over (think Timbs, baggy jeans, rugged leather jackets)?

Jay-Z - Classically hip hop

Will Lady Gaga and Amber Rose influence girls with their futuristic goth feel, to the point where girls will start rocking leotards to dinner and blue lipstick?

Lady Gaga

Amber Rose