Wendy Williams Ex-Husband Tussles With His Own Son And Gets Punched In The Face

Wendy Williams' family is experiencing some trouble.

(AllHipHop News) The drama engulfing Wendy Williams' family exploded today when her son beat up his father, Kevin Williams.

The 18-year-old stopped by their family home in New Jersey to pick up some of his belongings, as his parents prepare for a divorce.

According to TMZ.com, Kevin Sr. and his son decided to go to a local store a little after midnight, when things exploded.

Kevin Jr. became involved in a nasty confrontation with Kevin Sr., over his demands for spousal support from Wendy.

Kevin Sr. accused Wendy of brainwashing the youngster, and the two men began to tussle. The elder Williams put his son in a headlock, which was broken with a stern punch to the nose.

Kevin Sr. said he would not press charges against his son, so the cops did it for him and charged Kevin Williams Jr. with assaulting his father.

Wendy Williams and Kevin Williams are getting divorced after he cheated on his wife and sired another child with a woman from Philadelphia.

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I don't know the details related to this but if my son punches me in the nose I'm gonna Marvin Gaye his lil' asss...

For those of y'all too young to know what that means I suggest you Google Marvin Gaye's death... Do it brfore you ever think about raising your hand toward a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc...