Wendy Williams Invests In High-End Champagne Company

Radio host Wendy

Williams has finalized a deal to become part owner of The House of Georges Vesselle

champagne as well as the company's stateside spokesperson.

The nationally

syndicated radio personality invested in the company after years of tedious


"Well, first

of all, I know it sounds crazy because I'm a simple Black girl from New Jersey,

but in fact, I am the face of the Georges Vesselle champagne and a nice chunky

owner in the company," revealed Williams to AllHipHop.com. "This deal

has been about two years in the making from the beginning talks through the

paperwork legally and then to it finally being imported into the United States,

about two years."

The House of Georges

Vesselle has existed since the 16th century. Its 42-acre vineyard is located

in the heart of the world-renown champagne region in Bouzy, France.

The champagnes

the House produces are extremely popular and featured in high-end restaurants

in France.

Williams intends

to let her fans and champagne sample her new product and an invite only event.

Aficionados can join the radio personality for an invite-only preview on February

21 at Spy Nightclub in New York.

The shock jock,

who has been groomed into a champagne expert, said there are four types of the

bubbly liquor and hers is in the upper echelon.

"The black

label would be, you know, the lowest," Williams said. "The gold label

is second. The rosé and the platinum are about the same in terms of price

point, and they are the top of the line."

However, beyond

her expertise, she said the venture would secure her family's financial future

more than her other forays in media and entertainment.

"This is for

our son. This is that ride out to the sunset, a "we're going to be okay

kind of situation." And I never in my wildest dreams thought that my ride

out would be something like this," Williams concurred. "I write books.

I thought my books were going to be my ride out, you know, situation or maybe

if I ever got a television show where I'm amassing a fortune, the way Ellen

DeGeneres and Oprah and like that. I never in my wildest dreams thought that

my ride out - our ride out, as a family, would be liquor, much less a fine champagne."

The New Jersey

native's previous forays outside of terrestrial radio included several specials

on VH1 and a tell-all biography about her rise to fame and personal affairs.

Williams has been

a radio jock at New York 's Hot 97, Philly's Power 99, and currently New York's

WBLS. She recently began podcasting her show through Apple's iTunes.

The House of Georges

Vesselle is currently available at various restaurants and wineries in New York.