Wendy Williams Son Gets Off With No Charges After Beating Up His Dad

It looks like Wendy's family life is starting to stabilize as she prepares for a messy divorce.

(AllHipHop News) Wendy Williams and her estranged ex-husband Kevin just received some great news.

Their son Kevin is off the hook for beating up his dad during a "family squabble" in the parking lot of a local

Kevin Sr. showed up to court today, where a judge decided to dismiss an assault charge against his younger namesake.

The men got into a tussle, reportedly over Kevin Sr.'s demands for support as he divorces Wendy Williams.

The 18-year-old was accused of punching his dad in the face and beating him up, but his legal issues are behind him now, since prosecutors decided not to pursue the charges against Kevin Jr.

The case is closed for Kevin Jr., but Kevin Sr. is still gearing for a lot of court action, as he prepares to divorce Wendy Williams.

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