What "Clown Rappers" Are Funkmaster Flex Referring To?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Your “favorite” DJ, instigator, and radio personality the extra one and only Funk Flex is back at it again, taking shots.

Flex took to Twitter to call out some “clown rappers” while stating that on the flip side, bars are back.

“By the way…. bars are back….soooooo u clown rappers are in trouble in 2017!” Flex tweeted.

Flex we are going to need you to call ’em out. Put some names on those clown rappers. It seems pretty obvious that one of the clown rappers Flex is referring to is none other than Lil’ Yachty.

Yachty dissed Flex on a freestyle he did with Hot 97’s fellow personality Ebro. Yachty rapped

“Funkmaster Flex, please stop talking bout me. Unless you finna play my songs, then don’t talk about me. Old man, here’s a bar. I hope you fall into a hole where there’s no sun and stars.”

But while Flex is on the subject of calling folks out. What rappers would you say are bringing bars back? Which rappers are the trashy clowns? Whose 15 minutes is almost up? Name ’em!

We can’t even lie; there are so many rappers today that are straight trash, but y’all support them. Carry on.