What is the Black Agenda?


Whenever I hear someone make the statement, "What is the Black Agenda?" I get really pissed. Especially if it's another black person. There are leaders and political operatives who continue to ask 'what is the black agenda?' as though the game plan for black progress has changed the last 100 years or so.

I was at a recent luncheon when a nationally celebrated elected official, who I think is very smart, progressive and works hard on behalf of black people... and their agenda. And the conversation was about our current president and his agenda for black people... his people. So, I respectfully asked this Congressman, why do people like Rev. Sharpton, Ben Jealous and Marc Morial, whom he know well, keep talking about the need to take the Obama's administration the 'black Agenda.' Aren't those gentlemen black? President Barack Obama is also black, correct? And haven't these men in mention fought the fight for black people the last 40 years, collectively?

So with that said, they should have the black game plan within them. They've lived through it. They've felt the affects of not being represented from past actions. And it probably was the same 'Negro Agenda' when they where young hustlers. So why do they keep asking such a stupid question, over and over again? And not only is the question stupid, they act like black folks don't have a clue what the 'black agenda' is, so therefore, how can black folks take their concerns and issues to the White House. WOW!

I wonder if white America is asking the same question within their community? Hey Baby Boo Boo, what is the damn 'white agenda?' Their agenda is the same as the 'black agenda, 'the 'asian agenda,' 'the 'hispanic agenda' and every other race of people in this country who has an America agenda for their community.

Economic development, staple and progressive communities with unlimited educational opportunities. This is the American agenda, regardless race, creed, color or sex. Our agendas are so much alike, except, white America has a different way in which they exercise their demand for an agenda. The difference between the 'white agenda' is that whites aspire for economic dominance, private and exclusive communities, for the most part. While everybody else just wants a simple slice of the America dream to survive and live collectively in peace and harmony.

TRUTH Be Told: White America has no problem with black folks or any other race climbing up the latter to prosperity, as long as they don't try and knock them off the latter in the process. And even if other races climb high and fast, whites will only add new steps to the latter that goes higher and in a different direction. So as far as they're concern, it's like adding new jobs. You're not gonna take their jobs because they would just create more work/jobs to handle their 'white agenda.'

It's called moving the goal post. When the playing field becomes even and others have progressed, whites in control, almost, always change the course. (See Tiger Woods - they designed new courses to challenge his dominance on an even playing field). This way, no one can ever really catch them. So therefore, you'll always playing with or against your own racial peers. And in relations to black folks, you're beating up each other trying to get to a place you'll never get to.

On another theme of the 'black agenda.' I don't wanna hear potential elected officials running for office or an incumbent doing commercials that talks about crime and violence. STOP trying to put fear in voters! Crime and violence is a by-product of loss wages and high unemployment, which equals communities in despair.

TRUTH Be Told: Candidates, make your slick infomercials and campaign slogans about the need for economic development and JOBS in poor, dysfunctional communities. Give speeches about creating businesses and establishing companies in wards or districts you're looking to represent- and crime will decrease. That's what the 'black agenda' is; always has been, always will be! Peace and One Love.

I Write to Differ...