What the FICO?: 12 Steps To Repairing Your Credit Promises To Get Us All Back On Track

Ash'Cash <noun>:
motivational speaker, business consultant, author, and financial literacy educator who has helped countless people get their finances back in order - from credit repair, to home ownership, retirement planning, and banking and investment advice.
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A Man on a Mission to Repair Minds and Credit!

Ash'Cash IS BACK with his special brand of knowledge dropping that is sure to help readers across the country figure out how to get their credit ratings to a place that ensures financial stability and freedom. NEVER FEAR! He's a Certified FICO Professional (FICO PRO - a national designation that recognizes those individuals who have a strong understanding of FICO® scores and how the FICO® score impacts both the lender and the


What the FICO?: 12 Steps To Repairing Your Credit is the only self-motivating, credit repair book you will ever need. You will be provided step-by-step instructions on how to go from bad to good credit in no time and with minimal cost. By following Ash'Cash's simple steps, you will begin the journey of getting your credit and financial life back in order.

Credit Gems Inside

What the FICO?: 12 Steps To Repairing Your Credit:

- Learn your rights as a consumer and how to protect them

- Correct and remove errors and improve your credit score

-Learn how to remove negative items from your report (even the ones you're responsible for)

- Negotiate with creditors to reduce debt

- Add positive information to your credit report

- Rebuild a solid credit history

If you are part of the 44 million Americans who suffer from bad credit and are ready to take back control of your financial life, then you MUST read this book!


Ash'Cash is a Financial planner, motivation speaker, and community advocate. For more information on Ash'Cash, please visit his website, www.IamAshCash.com. To purchase What the 

FICO? on Amazon.com, visit http://t.co/jFK00feqRL.