When Athletes Rap: Epic Fails & Wins

AllHipHop Staff

The modern athlete and Hip-Hop go together like OJ Simpson and gloves. Consequently, there is quite a lot of cross-pollination between the two. The only thing is, rappers cannot typically cross over into sports due to the extreme physicality associated with athletics.

Then there is the other side – sports men that attempt to rap. While, rapping appears to be easier than knocking somebody out or slam-dunking on somebody’s head…appearances can be deceiving.

One thing is for certain, both sides are the modern gladiators for our entertainment.

Here are some of the boxers, ballplayers that tried, succeeded and failed to get props in Hip-Hop.

Shaquille O'Neal & the Notorious BIG – “You Can’t Stop The Reign”

The video version:

Kobe Bryant featuring Tyra Banks – “K.O.B.E.”

Kobe Bryant, Shaq’s former team mate, took his own stab at rapping. It was short lived, but he made a splash even if it was a belly flop. Still, Kobe gets major props for rapping in Italian.

Was Nas ghostwriting?

Deion Sanders – “Must Be The Money”

Not exactly Hip-Hop, but the swagger is. We had to included Neon Deion. He looks like he’s just having fun in a “Pumps N A Bumps” kind of way.

MC Hammer featuring Deion Sanders – “Straight To My Feet”

Speaking of “Pumps N A Bump,” MC Hammer and Deion got together to rap on this 1994 diddybop song from the “Street Fighter” soundtrack.

Roy Jones Jr – “Ya’ll Musta Forgot”

The best thing about this video was the clips, a reminder of what a great fighter Roy is. A great rapper? No so much, but his favorite rapper of all time is Scarface. Didn’t forget that!

Roy Jones Jr. – “Can’t Be Touched”

Now, this song is way better from Roy. True fight music!

Allen Iverson aka Jewelz – “40 Bars”

When Allen Iverson same with “40 Bars” he looked like he was going to be the first official sportsman to be a legitimate rap artist. He was a bit too real for the League.

Never heard this, but apparently this was Jewelz “song.”

Floyd Mayweather – “Yep”

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was regarded as the best pound for pound fighter, but that was boxing. Where does he weigh-in with rap.

Terrell “T.O.” Owens – “Untitled Silly Rap”

The football player named T.O. is highly regarded for his athleticism, but rap…no.

Chris Webber and Kurupt - “Gangsta, Gangsta”

Chris Webber is really Hoop-Hop! The super star is not only known for his ball game, but he rapped. Not only did he rap, but he is an accomplished producer that has worked with the likes of Nas. The rap didn’t work…but he’s still around.


When Shaq dissed Kobe in a bizarre freestyle rap, you just had to love it. He gave life to a new term that didn’t quite catch on, but remains iconic in pop culture.