When You Thought It Was Over: Martin Shkreli Has Words For Kanye West


(AllHipHop News) Last year, Martin Shkreli purchased the Wu-Tang Clan's Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. For $2 M, the pharmaceutical kingpin bought the sole copy. And now -- the "fake Batman villian" -- has a sinister plan against Hip-Hop.

What are the details of that evil plot? Last night (Feb. 11), the pricey drug-pusher hopped onto his official

" target="_blank">Twitter account and sent out a few tweets that could change the course of Hip-Hop history! Backed by his bank account, he offered Yeezy $10 M to sell The Life of Pablo to him -- and only him.

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Shkreli's proposition is legally binding. By law, both Kanye and Def Jam must present the offer to its Board of Directors. Even if this nefarious maneuver is unsuccessful it may potentially "delay the album by a few days."

Since sending out the initial tweets Shkreli has been appalled by the backlash. The pharm-bro has declared his good intentions. "The point is NOT to keep music from people, it's to remind everyone how important and central it is in our lives," he wrote.

Check out Shkreli's tempting tweets:

So far, Kanye has yet to publicly reply to Shkreli. Tune in later for any updates -- same Bat-time , same Bat-post.