White Supremacist Group Targets Ludacris, Chingy, David Banner

A white supremacist group in Casper, Wyoming is questioning the upcoming appearance of rappers Ludacris, Chingy and David Banner.The National Alliance handed out over 2,500 fliers with images of Mystikal, recently sentenced to six years in prison for sex crimes."Over a month ago, the city welcomed the rapist rapper Mystikal," the flyer reads. "Now the city is throwing the red carpet down for another black rapper. Why are we allowing this violent diversity to be forced in our city?"The flyers were created by the local chapter and were approved by The National Alliance's headquarters.The National Alliance said they despised all rappers, including white ones, because they promote a criminal culture.The Mayor of Casper ridiculed The National Alliance's rhetoric, saying "to blame a whole group for the crimes of one person is outrageous."Ludacris, Chingy and David Banner will appear at the Casper Events Center on February 21.