Who is the Culture God?

For starters, I’ve got to commend Bakari

Akil II for the column; Is Hip-Hop A Culture? I find it fascinating that collectively

we, as a people are on this journey to define our culture. Damn, I wish I were

seated in the center first row at Florida A&M when the respected Tim Reid,

posed the question of a lifetime: What is Hip-hop and Is it a Culture?

Imagine Kay without a response. That’s like

knowing all the answers on a final but choosing to fail. Never.

However, when it comes to the Hip-Hop culture,

I feel we, the people should stop the let’s find a definition game and

defend this dynamic sub, which is now an above ground culture.

Tell me. Who is the Culture God? Who decides

when our stamp in society is good enough? Who are we basing our recognition

and acceptance on? Whose scrolls are we following? Would we feel refreshed and

content if white America and its board of achievers finally said we were official?

This is by no means an attack on any true supporter of Hip-hop within Caucasian

race. This is a launch against closet haters.


The Hip-hop culture is molded by key elements:

breakin’, djin’, graffin’, and so. But what happens when a person

feels the wind of this culture without engaging in any of these activities?

Are they ousted or unrecognized. Nope. The culture embraces everyone. Take a

look at our backers worldwide. Hip-hop isn’t exclusive like country clubs.

As a mater of fact, the Hip-hop culture away

from the key elements gives off a conscious feeling of belonging without the

puff and snazzy marketing tools. It is about identifying with the pioneers that

made this culture so ill. It’s about relating with the new choice generation

with an added spin. See, some got it twisted. Hip-hop isn’t all about rap

music. Only “outsiders looking in” think like that. Simply scholar’s

that traditionally write articles on Shakespeare cooked up to publish a book

on Jigga for a buck. The same scholars that tap into already reported information

on the Biggie and Tupac wars and think they are on to something.

Please. Stick to analyzing Socrates.

Back to what Hip-hop ain’t.

Hip-hop isn’t all about gats and drugs.

Name a genre, race, or creed that hasn’t brandished a gun to kill while

getting stoned. Hip-hop isn’t about buying out bars or copping crimson

colored Cadillac’s season-to season. Name an Irish or Italian crime unit

that didn’t floss. I’ve done my homework. I study American History.

Hip-hop is bigger than that. Don’t let the opposition drive you into straight


The buck stops here.

We ain’t defining this culture anymore.

Take it or leave it.

Next up: Politicians

Bill O’Reilly and any key politician cocked

behind a cherry wood desk needs to realize that Hip-hop holds no room for discussion.

The facts around the globe show that your golf partners that head up major retail

firms are adapting to this culture. They like and love this culture. Name a

commercial we haven’t influenced.

Something is seriously wrong if our culture of

baggy denim wearers has Senator’s children in a scurry to cop the new 50

Cent. “G, G, G, G-Unit!” It looks like YOUR children are going through

identity and social issues. The idea of wanting and yearning to align with so

called underachievers and arrogant folk would send me to the quack.

Understand, when we break down to social classes,

how can this culture make so many kids from perfecto household’s revolt?

It’s obvious. The attraction to this culture has nothing to do with how

many times bitches and diamonds are spilled on a track. It has to do with pop

culture using their sixth sense to see past the smoking mirrors that cloud our

culture by politicians and journalists with no analytical skills.

And so what, certain acts in the rap aspect of

Hip-hop embrace a flashy life. Haven’t the affluent driven on our filthy

streets in candy red coupes while the hood pushed go-carts. Haven’t the

affluent teased us with lavish lifestyles as we sat stuck in poverty stricken

boarders. Haven’t they made us feel less than below average because the

furthest the hood has traveled was down the block? And that journey on broken

heels was to meet mama at the market.

I figure if a waves of talented youths ignored

by the masses are able to make something out of nothing, let them. If they can

flip a thought into an enterprise, let them. Maybe your kids should be paying

attention to the Hip-hop culture, instead of being spoon fed success.

Side Thought

The last few concerts I’ve been to, I had

to win my way in via radio weeks in advance, since seats were sold out by a

new wave of supporters. Back in the day, we could have copped a ticket to see

the biggest Hip-hop act in a mom and pop hall, an hour before the show! Now

we gotta fuck with arenas. All politics. I’ll leave that alone.

Dollar Bill

Back to Billy my favorite Bill. I suggest you

drop all the thug magazines that you possess in your library as weapons of Hip-hop’s

destruction and engage in a battle with Hip-hop journalists you’re skeptical

interview, because they’d bring brains to the table. That wouldn’t

be good for your ratings. Imagine a rapper or affiliate challenging Bill with

knowledge. Your mission is so see-through and so typical. Off course if you

dialogue with gangster rappers, they’ll tell you gangster shit.

Dig It

So the question is still on the table. What is

the Hip-hop culture? Simple. It’s a way of life. It’s a grind meant

for grinders. It’s a group that can stand in the face of adversity and

utilize the raw tools that the higher being granted to be used creatively. Whether

that’s rapping over pounding tracks, breaking on cardboard, airbrushing

ball hats, or kicking it in a corner using our slang and hands that switch like

traffic lights. So be it. There ain’t no Culture God. We don’t need

a checklist.

Whoever can’t agree with it, I suggest you

be a decision-maker and don’t agree with it. Shut down your Internet and

stay away from every clothing and food franchise that uses a bass riff in its

commercial to draw you in. Complain to the local and national politicians that

the Hip-hop culture is damaging your picket fence home, your introverted kids,

and your fluffy pup.

Back down.

We earned this shit. And really ya’ll are

the buyers and investors.

The Secret

All we did was tiptoe across the world quiet

as kept. We shouted, “BOO!” and shook the fucking world up. We took

a blank sheet of paper and painted words that moved the alphabet. We stormed

through any hood USA and communicated without handbooks.

We did it by ourselves, without a constitution. We did it by ourselves if there

is any confusion.

Let’s build a Hip-hop front, instead of

complaining about beefs on wax.

It’s our ART and no outsider should tear

that apart!