Whoo Kid On New Eazy E Song; 50 Cent/ Shyne Beef

DJ Whoo Kid, G-Unit’s in-house spin-doctor, recently took the liberty to rework an old Eazy-E verse and helped create “Still Cruisin,’” a brand new song that features Compton native The Game.

“I got my hands on an Eazy-E accapella nobody ever heard before. I just did the same historical thing, called Red Spyda then - boom. Who else would you want to hear on a song with [Compton native] Eazy-E but Game? I flew to Compton and did the song out there. The s**t just came out of nowhere,” Whoo Kid told AllHipHop.com.

While he wasn’t up on the late thugster when he was alive, Whoo Kid said this version is one for the masses. “I was never an Eazy-E fan when I was young, but this verse sounds so good. It’s really a verse that’s really hot,” he said. “it’s not so simple like he used to rap. When you hear it, you are going to bug out.”

“Just Cruisin’” is currently in rotation on the G-Unit Radio series.

Meanwhile, Whoo Kid reservedly discussed incarcerated rapper Shyne’s beef with 50 Cent and the G-Unit chief's uncharacteristic silence.

“The last thing we need is this fake Shyne beef s**t; we’re not worrying about that. From one line you think that’s going to start a war? It’s like society wants that. Who knows, maybe 50 will change his mind and come back at Shyne,” he said. “When I called him he said he doesn’t have time for that because it’s bulls**t.”

50 Cent’s unwillingness to battle might be because he is presently recording his the follow up to Get Rich Or Die Tryin,’ the multi-platinum album that dominated last year.

“[The album is] ridiculous you know. He’s been working with Dre all of last [month]. He’s working with Eminem too,” he said concluding.