Why Is Jamie Foxx Still Apologizing To Rapper T.I. After All These Years?

Mike Winslow


(AllHipHop News) Jamie Foxx avoided rapper T.I. for months after brushing him off at a New Year's Eve party many years ago.

The actor/singer admits he was drunk when the hip-hop star approached him and started to boast about his musical skills, and Jamie just thought he was a stranger looking for a career push.

Admitting he was "bad" to the young star, Foxx felt awful when he caught T.I.'s video for “U Don't Know Me” on TV network BET - and recognized the star.

"I dodged this dude for months," he told U.S. chat show host Ellen DeGeneres. "He'd be in L.A. and I'd be like, 'That's him... He's a gangster too... He might kill me!'"

But he couldn't stay away from T.I. forever and one day their paths crossed at a hotel:

"I come out the elevator and there's T.I. and all of his boys and I went and rushed to the bar and grabbed a bottle of champagne... and I kneeled down and said, 'My brother, I'm sorry'... I still apologise to him every time I see him..."

Foxx and T.I., real name Clifford Harris, are now in a movie together - the two hitmakers have teamed up for action thriller “Sleepless.”