Why You Should Vote...And Bring Three Registered Friends With You

AllHipHop Staff

This Election campaign season is extremely scary. The attacks and destruction of facts are becoming your worst nightmare, a Political Halloween from Hell. 

Civil liberties, civil rights and freedoms of choice are being threatened right now like it was a "way-back" machine to 1954.

The Romney camp tells outrageous lies about the work of President Barack Obama, and they have also announced equally outrageous plans for all of us if they win. Check out this new video by author and investigative journalist, Wynne Alexander. After you see it, you’ll know the trail of deception and why everyone who can NEEDS to vote on Election Day - and take three other registered voters to the polls with you.

Author Wynne Alexander is an award-winning investigative journalist and historian. She has written two history books, one of which, "Get It From The Drums", is the first musically-infused civil rights curriculum in United States history. She has interviewed, filmed, and written about national and international artists, icons, sports stars, business leaders, and politicians, including Coretta Scott King and Muhammad Ali. Visit the official website, along with WDAS History's portal.