Wiggin' Out: Nicki Minaj And Personal Wig Maker Settle $30 Million Lawsuit

(AllHipHop News) Fans of Nicki Minaj can rest assured the femcee is no-longer at risk to lose millions of her hard earned dollars.

According to reports by (EXCLUSIVE) Nicki Minaj Settles $30 Million Dollar Lawsuit Over Allegations She Stole From Wig Designer

" target="_blank">TheJasmineBrand.com, the hair former designer for Nicki Minaj, Terrance Davidson, has dismissed all claims against the voluptuous chart-topping female rapper.

In February of 2014 Nicki was slapped with a lawsuit from her Davidson for $30 million, after claims that she stole designs from her "wig guru."

Davidson alleged that Minaj was selling and licensing his wig designs made exclusively for her,

Their partnership began in January of 2010 when he designed numerous wigs for Nicki and continued until 2013 when he left over “creative differences.”

He also claimed that ThePinkprint rapper was dodging promises to feature Davidson in a reality television show that never aired.

Davidson says that Nicki's management encouraged Davidson to not partake in a multi-million dollar TV show in order to preserve his partnership with the multi-platinum femcee.

When the suit originally settled, Terrence Davidson was to be awarded nothing from the suit as a judge agreed with Nicki after learning that there was no paperwork on any of their agreements.

The legal back and forth then continued last year in April as Davidson then filed an appeal .

The now dismissed appeal stated that while Nicki and Terrence had no written contract, that didn't mean the rapper could steal his designs and sell them on her own.

Recently Nicki was rumored to have been responsible for the Nick Young/Iggy Azalea/D'Angelo Russell debacle that's fueled gossip sites in recent weeks.

There has been no word on the suit from Nicki Minaj or her legal team at the time of publication.