Wild Out Wednesday: Charles Hamilton Dissed, Royce Rocks, Scarface Is High Powered, Rick Ross & More

AllHipHop Staff

I been lax my dudes. Year end and login problems are a bitch and a half. I been hitting you with those Classic Clashes for the last couple weeks, and we got a doozy coming this Saturday, but I been delinquent on those Sick Sundays.

Fear not, I'll be back on the grind this week but I'm here to get it in on a Wednesday with some pure flavor. A little old, a little new, a couple exclusives, and a some general wholesome goodness

Enough of the jibber jabber, let's get it in.

Ray Ca$h- The Return

Many people slept on Ray Ca$h the last time out and let me tell you something: you're missing out. His first album was definitely above par and he repped the Midwest very well. Crisp beat with a non annoying hook and solid rhymes. Good track to bump. 

Royce the 5'9-Royce Is Like

What do you get when you take one of the fiercest emcees out there and let him blast off over one of Preemo's classic beats? You get "Royce Is Like." Right about now it's not a stretch to saw Royce is the best in Detroit. That includes our favorite white rapper. What more you say? He rip's "So Gangsta" as well. The grind game is serious.

Scarface-High Powered

The living legend of the South is back with Emeritus and if you didn't know, that's when you hold a title whether you are retired or not. Well as you can hear, Face sounds anything but ready for the scrap heap and sounds fresh on the mic. This joint has a heavy bottom and a sinister sound


After the disappointing Re-Up album, it was time to flood the streets with some more of that Blue Magic. On this joint your favorite drug rappers are back and they have definitely turned up the heat. The flow is ill and they arrange the verses well on the piano break. 

OB feat Peedi & Styles P-Where The Money At

Newcomer OB (Not Obie) drops a BANGER with Peedi and Styles riding shotgun. The beat is just the kind that makes you nod you head and spazz out. He gives a good showing and definitely holds his own. Bang this in your mp3 players.

Busta Ryhmes feat. T.I. & Reek Da Villain

Man this is just a good ole fashioned collabo banger. T.I. takes the hardcore higher than the he did on Paper Trail with a back to the gutter flow and Bussa Bus steps away from silly ____ Money remixes to give us heat. Shout to Reek Da Villan who does a solid job batting cleanup even in he's not in the right weight class

Papa Duck Feat. Rick Ross & Ace-Look At My Swag

How do you get away with being a CO while giving us coke tales? You stick to your story and flood the streets with enough music to keep them talking about your rhymes rather than your rep. While he's a guest star on this track, he commands the most attention, but Papa Duck does enough to maintain ownership. Florida can stand up on this.

JD Era-Good Morning

Well I guess Soulja Boy isn't alone in his dislike for everyone's favorite hedgehog. He kinda goes at duke and doesn't mince words. Ditto with Asher Roth. Unno man I can do without rap beefs after seeing Notorious. If you not gonna punch them in the face on sight then it's not beef. Period.

Well that's it today my dudes and dudettes. I'll be on Sunday back again so if you got flavor send away. Peace