Will Brennan: The Prodigal Son

Ever since interviewing Florida bred and Atlanta residing artist Will Brennan at the end of last year, his stock has risen just as high as we thought it would. Pushing his project with DJ Burn One called Prodigal Son andearning blog posts across the net, Will Brennan gained the attention of Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak record label and teamed up for a push of Will's music . With the guidance and co-sign of online personality and strategist Ashley Outrageous, Will continues to develop his concepts and lyrically shows growth with each track we hear.

To kick things off with Dim Mak, Will dropped his debut mixtape on the imprint called More Perfect Union.  The project features a variety of production from notables in the EDM and Hip-Hop world's, with big names like Pretty Lights, Zeds Dead, Kaskade, Deadmau5, Xaphoon Jones, Julian Cruz, Araabmuzik, and Heroes x Villains.

Look for Will to re-release his Prodigal Son effort this year with Dim Mak which will feature additional tracks and remixes. With these releases it's clear that Will has a solid foothold in the EDM and the Hip-Hop world, something we should expect given the EDM world's growth over the past few years. Take look at our convo below and follow Will on Twitter: @thewillbrennan.

AllHipHop: So Will, how’d you get started doing your thing down there in Florida?

Will Brennan: I’m from South Florida, West Palm Beach, its like an hour north of Miami. I've always rapped since I was 12, in lunch table circles and stuff. I started taking it real seriously in 2010 and I started working with my creative partner and tried to take the songwriting to the next level. I had some real small shows and I just kept doing it from there.

AllHipHop: Yea man the visuals have been real clean.

Will Brennan: We try to make sure we tight on that and I understand people don’t want to post just anything. If you send just anything it doesn't really work.

AllHipHop: You are very open with your music and talk about a great deal of personal struggles and challenges, can you elaborate on where you music comes from?

Will Brennan: Yea like straight up, if you want to be a rapper, you need to be a writer and 'Prodigal Son' is a like a path of my journey. It's like a reflective look and a lot of the chances that I took . It’s been good and bad, but a four-year journey and kind of like an evaluation of life and the struggles of trying to find a lane to make it. I got relationship stuff on there, I got family stuff on there, it's a mix of everything.

AllHipHop: So many important relationships in Florida, why the move from Palm Beach, to Atlanta?

Will Brennan: First off I want to say that I love Palm Beach to death and when I make it and have some cash, and when I get some paper, I want to move back there, but as far as the scene, it's just not there like a city like Atlanta or New York, or like L.A.. I wanted to work with producers in Atlanta that were making key moves. They aren’t just good, but they're making key moves to further their career, so linking with them has been big for me.

AllHipHop: You recently linked up with Burn One, talk about that and how it was working with him?

Will Brennan: When we first mentioned working with Burn One, I was thinking it could be really tight. His sound is so classic and pristine and clean, real soulful. Once we got in the studio, we talked about what we wanted to do and what inspiration we had and we got like two tracks done that day. Its tight, Burn One’s sound is kind of like the future.

AllHipHop: So what can you tell me about the Miami scene as far as Hip-Hop goes?

Will Brennan: Miami is leading the way as far as the Florida Hip-Hop scene. Its growing and there’s a lot of types of artists, but there is definitely a whole 2.0 scene and Ashley Outrageous is really key in that whole movement down there. It’s a world-wide international scene, so the underground is bubbling. LeBron got a store down in Miami now and it's just really growing as a scene. I can tell that there’s a lot of growth from the up and coming artists. Like J-Nics and others…

AllHipHop: It’s a different type of rap that you seem to be kicking. The music is a bit different, more introspective on the day-to-day stuff that people go through, we can appreciate that. Can you talk about your work on Steve Aoki's new imprint and how that came about?

Will Brennan: South Florida has always had a big electronic music scene even before it got huge nationwide. ULTRA has been here for over a decade and the scene has been a natural influence on me. I think that Electronic music will have the same influence that Hip Hop did in the 90's when every other genre is gradually influenced by it and adopts some elements. I don't think that signing to Dim Mak will change my sound as much as refine it and expose it to a wider audience.

For more of Will's Music check below and visit his Soundcloud page.


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