Will.i.am Cautions New "Voice" Coach Against 'Flirting' With Contestan

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will.i.am offers up some advice to his flirtatious new co-host, to avoid any issues.

(AllHipHop News) "The Voice UK" veteran will.i.am has cautioned new coach Olly Murs against making contestants feel uncomfortable with his flirting.

Olly is joining coaches Tom Jones, Will and Jennifer Hudson on the second series of the ITV1 show following the departure of Gavin Rossdale.

And in an interview with British newspaper The Sun , Will spoke freely on his first impressions of the former "X Factor" contestant, who has made the transition from talent to talent-spotter.

Will, who has ­featured in all seven UK series of the show, admitted he has been impressed by Olly's early stint in the spinning chair as the show gears up to return to screens on Saturday.

“I love his personality, he’s friendly, nice, kind and he’s not going to be dominant," he smiled. “I think he could be an actor. There is a future for Olly in film.

“He’s like that Chris Pratt in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' - he has that same type of charisma.”

But Will also had some advice for Olly, who has been single since splitting from girlfriend Francesca Thomas in 2015, in relation to him flirting with contestants.

“Olly is charming and his flirting his cute, as long as he doesn’t make someone feel uncomfortable," he advised his colleague. “The boundaries are blurred nowadays. What’s flirting and what’s harassment? It’s weird, that’s why I talk about spirituality - it’s safe.”

Will's comment comes after "The Voice" host Emma Willis shared during an appearance on ITV show "Loose Women" that Jennifer Hudson has taken to checking Olly on his flirtatious behavior on the show.

"Jennifer has him on a short leash if he gets out of control with the flirting she says, 'This is a family show!'", laughed Emma.

Meanwhile, Tom Jones shared he was pleased with newcomer Olly's addition to the line-up.

"He’s very natural - what you see is what you get with Olly and that’s a very good thing," he told morning chat show host Lorraine Kelly. "He’s a very ‘up’ person."

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The frruck is Perez Hilton doing writing articles for you?


As a UK resident it's nice you give coverage to UK but wtf has this story got to do with hip hop? Like there are real legends in UK that have never had coverage on this site and you choose to mention Olly mother fxxxing Murs?