will.I.am Gets Into Heated Fight With Flight Attendant Over Laptop

Shirley Ju

will.I.am says a big fight erupted and the cops were called, all because he didn't close his laptop on a flight in Australia.

(AllHipHop News) Black Eyed Peas rap star will.I.am experienced turbulence on a flight in Australia, but the bumpy ride had nothing to do with the air pressure.

The 44-year-old rapper was in town to perform at the "Friday Jams" Festival in Auckland.

Things were going smooth for will.I.am until he boarded a Qantas flight from Brisbane en route to Sydney.

That's when he came across an angry flight attendant, who abused him for not closing his laptop fast enough while he was making some beats.

The rap star said he wearing noise-canceling headphones and could not hear the flight attendant's repeated requests over the plane's PA system.

Will.I.am claims he was the victim of racism after the beef escalated to the point that the cops had to be called to diffuse the situation when the plane landed.

In the end, no one was charged but will.I.am decided to offer up his brand of justice on social media.

He put the flight attendant and the policeman on blast, in a series of tweets exposing their identities to his 12 million followers.

Many people offered up words of support, but the rapper is also responding to a backlash for playing the race card when he did not reply to multiple requests to put away his laptop.