Will.i.Am Seeking Dismissal Of Headphone Lawsuit

AllHipHop Staff

Will.i.Am is preparing for a court battle over millions in headphones.

(AllHipHop News) Will.i.am has called for a lawsuit filed against him over a failed headphone line to be dismissed.

Executives at FIH Mobile sued the Black Eyed Peas star's company i.am+ over a failed wireless headphone partnership, claiming they had a deal with the singer to produce his own line of music accessories but his company refused to pay their bill once they had received the products, which allegedly cost $3.4 million.

"The Voice U.K." judge has now responded with his own court documents in which he claimed he never had an agreement with FIH Mobile over the line.

In the lawsuit,, will.i.am has accused FIH officials of failing to deliver the products on time, producing headphones that were not up to scratch, and failing to fulfill orders.

He also claims he has already paid them $5 million for the product, and FIH Mobile had originally said they were expecting $2.3 million for the deal, yet they are claiming for $3.4 million in their lawsuit.

And the star noted that they failed to resell or salvage any of material they bought for his headphones.

He is confident he owes them nothing and wants their lawsuit dismissed.