Will.I.am Urges Fashion Industry To Step It Up Or Be Lost To Tech

will.i.am is warning people in the fashion industry that they may have 20 years or less to get it together.

(AllHipHop News) will.i.am has warned those working in the fashion industry that their jobs may not be around in 20 years time if they don’t “get up to speed”.

The multitalented star has his own technology company i.am+ alongside his successful music career and TV stint with The Voice and he’s always looking to offer new and initiative creations to the public.

Speaking during a recent event at the Fashion Tech Forum in California, will, real name William James Adams, shared his concerns at the pace of fashion compared to other businesses, insisting it will become irrelevant if big changes aren’t made quickly.

“The future of fashion is going to be a tech company unless fashion gets up to speed right now,” he told the audience, according to WWD.

“I love fashion, but as an industry, if you were to take consumer electronics and fashion, one is really slow and kind of blind from what’s actually happening right now and that’s the world of fashion. The world of fashion does not realize how their jobs aren’t going to be around 10, 20 years from now because of how slow you are moving to innovate.”

Since its launch in 2013 i.am+ has become known for its smart Buttons Bluetooth headphones and will teased earlier this year that he was busy working on an artificial intelligence-related design, but he didn’t touch upon the development during his recent speech.

He did, however, speak more about his collaboration with brand Theory on a connected jacket, which has microphones and headphones built in.

“Right now your jacket, if you have one, has pockets to store stuff and those things that you’re storing are things like phones and keys,” he explained. “Depending on what type of car you have, you probably don’t need keys. The phone is the only thing that you panic about when you leave it behind, so we went into that to decide what the jacket should do and how can it connect to the phone.”

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