Will Kash Doll & Asian Doll Settle Their Differences On 'Queen Radio'?

Is Nicki Minaj trying to empower women or gain ratings?

(AllHipHop News) The battle between the Dolls continued this week when Asian Doll threw a slight jab at Kash Doll and DreamDoll. Asian Da Brat tweeted she wanted to collaborate with her fellow female rappers "just to body them."

Kash Doll fired back on Twitter, "Y’all know she just be talking out the side of her neck.... per usual SOUNDING DUMBER THAN SHE LOOK."

Then Nicki Minaj jumped into the fray by inviting both Dolls to be on her Beats 1 show. Minaj tweeted, "Ok [Kash Doll] [Asian Doll] let’s have a chat on the next episode of #QueenRadio #QueenTingz Sending love to the both of you."

"I’m straight... imma just ignore it she’s not even a Doll no more anyway she changed her name to Asian da brat... and that was my only issue," replied Kash. She later posted, "I’ll kick it with Nicki any day buttttt I’m not tryna listen to somebody yell and call me b*tchez and make up sh*t... I’m straight.'"

Minaj responded, "Ok babe. Me & [Asian Doll] gon get into some things. Wanna get into the music as well. Got lots of surprises for this show. Thank you guys for making it the Number 1 radio show on Apple. Every single episode. Record breaking. #QueenRadio I love you. For life."

"Oh you must not know I’d never allow that. 'WE' won’t be making fools out of ourselves. Number 1 radio show on Apple. By a black woman from south side Jamaica, Queens NEW YORK CITY. Oh but they don’t hear me tho. #QueenRadio you’ll see on the next episode. Trust," added the "Chun-Li" spitter.

Some social media users questioned Nicki's motives in inserting herself into the Kash Doll-Asian Doll feud. Commenters on Baller Alert and The Shade Room believed she was just using the rising rhymers to present drama for ratings à la The Jerry Springer Show. Other people wondered why the Hip Hop legend was willing to settle the Dolls' beef but not sit down with her own rivals Cardi B, Remy Ma, or Lil Kim.

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