Will "Revival" Be Eminem's Last Album?

Eminem offers up some clues about his future on his latest release.

(AllHipHop News) Hip-hop star Eminem has hinted his new album Revival will be his last.

The follow-up to 2013’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is the rapper’s 9th solo studio project, but the lyrics to the track "Castle" suggest it will also be his last.

The song is dedicated to his daughter Hailie Jade, and features verses in the form of letters addressed to his little girl at various stages in her life, starting from when she was born.

He raps, “I’m trying to build these castles out of sand, baby girl/For you to sit on the throne, I got plans, baby girl/Welcome to mom and dad’s crazy world. Love, daddy.”

Eminem goes on to express his guilt at rapping about her in so many songs, apologizing for seemingly exploiting her existence and his disputes with her mother, Kim, for the sake of his art.

“I said your name but always tried to hide your face/This game is crazy, I wanted to claim my love for you but damn. I never knew it’d be like this/If I did, I wouldn’t have done it. You ain’t asked for none of this s##t. Now you’re being punished?/ Things that should’ve been private with me and your mother is public.”

The reclusive MC then spits, “They can take this fame back, I don’t want it/I’ll put out this last album then be done with it.”

Elsewhere on Revival, which hit retailers on Friday, Eminem reiterates his struggles with fame on "In Your Head," while he gets personal again on "Arose," in which he recalls the night he almost died from a drug overdose in 2007.

“Little ladies, be brave. Take care of your mother,” he raps. “Smile pretty for pictures. Always cherish each other/I’ll always love ya. And I’ll be in the back of your memory/And I know you’ll never forget me. Just don’t get sad when remembering.”

“Consider the last four minutes as the song I’d have sent to my daughters if I’d have made it to the hospital less than two hours later. But I fought it,” the now-sober star states towards the end of the track.

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^ I was just reading another article about this album on here and they also thought Em was saying it’s his last album. What a shame people don’t actually listen to the lyrics anymore.


This is how I know that these dudes on these websites don’t actually listen to the album. If you listen to the song you’d realize that he was writing those lyrics in a letter to his daughter that was penned in 2007. It had absolutely nothing to do with his current album. But after this album let’s just pray em keeps dropping so we can have some popular albums that actually have bars. Not this new age rap shit.