Will Smith Says His Insane Budapest Bridge Stunts Was "Too Easy"

The actor/rapper explains what he means in a new interview.

(AllHipHop News) Will Smith has jokingly urged the Hungarian government to lock Budapest's Chain Bridge because it was "too easy" for him to access the roof for his viral dance video.

Will shocked fans last July when he posted his attempt at the #InMyFeelingsChallenge, a viral dance sensation started by Instagram comic Shiggy, on top of the famous Szechenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest.

The Instagram video showed Will scaling the bridge and opening a door to climb a ladder to the roof, where he busted out dance moves to Drake's "In My Feelings."

When told by a Hungarian reporter at a press conference for his new movie Aladdin that people were trying to recreate his stunt, the 50-year-old jokingly laid the blame on the government for failing to keep the bridge properly locked up.

"I have to be honest guys, it was too easy to get up on top of that bridge. I blame the Hungarian government. You got to lock the bridge," Will said. "I literally walked out of my hotel room, walked up the bridge, opened the door and climbed up on the top. I can't be expected to not take that opportunity, so just put a lock on the bridge.

"It was fantastic though, it was really beautiful up there and I don't want to encourage people to do that but it was a very beautiful view, but don't do it, lock the bridge."