Will Snoop Dogg Really Save Rotimi From 50 Cent's Wrath Over Massive Loan?

Snoop loves "Power" so much, he's offering to help out Rotimi, who is in the crosshairs of 50 Cent.

(AllHipHop News) Snoop Dogg is offering to pay "Power" star Rotimi's $300,000 loan after 50 Cent demanded the return of his money.

50 has earned become one of the best online debt collectors, using his social media accounts to publicly slam those who allegedly owe him cash.

His latest victim is Rotimi, who stars alongside 50, real name Curtis Jackson, in hit U.S. TV show "Power."

Fif set it off with an Instagram video, which referenced the star's record "Walk With Me."

"My man you owe an outstanding $300,000 now WALK WITH ME to the bank," 50 said, saying Rotimi has until Monday to pay the alleged debt.

Rotimi, who plays low-profile drug dealer Dre in the program, hit back by insisting he doesn't owe 50 anything, saying in his own video: "I don’t owe 50 money. The thing is, my record number one, I just bought a crib, I’m taking care of my family… Why now? Why wait ’til 'Walk With Me' is number one?”

Following the exchange, Snoop weighed in and offered his own aid, in a bid to save Rotimi's Power character from being culled at the hands of the show's producer 50.

“I don’t want (his character) to get killed on Power (over the debt),” Snoop said on Instagram, before addressing 50 Cent: "I think you gonna kill him (Dre) next ’cause he (Rotimi) owe you money."

"I'm gonna pay you, how much he owe you? Let's talk about it, let's figure it out. Don't kill him, I'll pay you for him."

50 then shared the Instagram clip on his own page and wrote: "Damn ok, n**ga got @snoopdogg involved. smh (shake my head)."

The musician has previously taken aim at actor and producer Jackie Long and he roasted Randall Emmett, a fellow producer on "Power," for allegedly owing him money.

He is even going after his own G-Unit artist Young Buck in posts questioning the Nashville rapper's sexuality, over an alleged $300,000 debt.

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I'd bet $100,000 this whole thing is a joke. Rotimi was just on The Breakfast Club a week or 2 ago joking about how you don't want to owe 50 any $$$ & saying he doesn't owe 50 anything. A week later all of this is going on.



This is wild! 50 Cent the debt collector!


Snoop Dogg has a comment about everything except claiming his son Juliuan! Claim your son Snoop!!!!


Man this dude can be a comedian. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!