Willie D. Planning New Song 'Cell Block Ready'; Talks Prison Sentence

(AllHipHop News) Geto Boys member Willie D. has broken his silence regarding an upcoming prison sentence and is planning to drop a new single before serving a year in prison for wire fraud. Willie D. has recorded a single titled "Cell Block Ready," which will address his upcoming prison sentence for wire fraud, after he was convicted of scamming tens-of-thousands of dollars from European victims through a company called Texas One Wireless. "Somebody did me wrong somebody stole my phones," Willie D. told Houston's Fox 26. "And so I did the same thing to somebody else. I didn't necessarily steal their phones, I took their money and didn't ship them their orders. And I felt justified at the time. Of course now I realize I was wrong."The rapper explained that the arrest has opened his eyes and has allowed him to change the direction of his life, in a more positive direction. "To be honest I was grateful, it could have been a whole lot worse," Willie D. said of his prison sentence. "I sincerely thanked the judge…He could have been a whole lot harder. "I tell you what, next to dealing with the loss of my mother, [telling me kids] was the hardest thing. Again this was a blessing in disguise. Would I have have chosen this route, no of course not. But it did allow me to take inventory of my life and get my act together."The interview with Willie D. is below: