Willie D. Talks Geto Boys Reunion

According to Geto

Boys founding member Willie D., the group has changed the name of their reunion

album from War and Peace to The Foundation.

The trio helped put Houston, Texas on the Hip-Hop map, with

legendary albums such as We Can’t Be Stopped and The Resurrection,

along with classic releases from each member of the group as solo artists.

“Fans were

really wanting on a new album from us so I took the initiative to get at everybody

one by one,” Willie D. told AllHipHop.com“I had to facilitate the

whole thing because we hadn’t all been on the same page.”

The Geto Boys'

album We Can't Be Stopped launched the group into the mainstream, when

they struck platinum in early 1992 -- thanks to the hit "Mind Playing Tricks

on Me."

“I had not

been in touch with Brad (Scarface) for a minute and we both had been talking

about doing a Geto Boys album. He told me that he was with it,” Willie

D continued.

“Then I reached

out to Bushwick and convinced him to do it. Then I called Lil J (James Prince)

and asked him if he was with it. He said 'yeah.' Once everybody was with it,

we just got in the studio and knocked it out.”

The Foundation

is slated for a January 25th release.