Wingo from Jagged Edge Releases "Life of The Party" [Download], Touts Jermaine Dupri for JE's 8th Album

Wingo, member of famed '90s R&B quartet, Jagged Edge, has stepped out on his own and released his first solo mixtape, appropriately titled, Life of the Party. The mixtape features appearances from Slim (of 112) and Atlanta's own, Gucci Mane. had a chance to chop it up with Wingo about his solo debut, and he gave us first dibs on Jagged Edge's upcoming eighth studio album. On the release of his first mixtape, an excited Wingo reveals:

"I'm just giving them a 'lil piece of Wingo! Still doing the whole Jagged Edge thing. I'm gonna be Jagged Edge forever. That has paved the way for a lot of stuff. I've been doing a lot of music of that for the past couple of years. I've signed a couple of artists to my record label, younger cats who are very talented. At the end of the day, it's time to put it out. It's not gone do no good in that Mac! [laughs]."

Life of the Party chronicles the life of Wingo, who admits he hasn't picked a single yet, because he values the opinions of his fans:

"Every time someone goes out with me and hangs out with me, they really enjoy themselves. That's why I named it Life of the Party. I haven't even picked a single yet, I want the DJs and the fans to let me know what's hot and what's not. Those are the opinions I really trust. I think everything I do is awesome [laughs], but everybody's not going to like everything that you do."

Platinum-selling R&B group Jagged Edge saw their biggest selling album in 2000 with J.E. Heartbreak, and they're in talks to release a sequel. Wingo exclusively revealed to us what they're working on:

"We're getting ready to work on the eighth album for Jagged Edge. The twins want to do J.E. Heartbreak 2; that's our biggest selling record to this day. Only way that would make sense is if we go back to the roots. Go back to who did the first J.E. Heartbreak. Bryan Cox, Jermaine Dupri."

So, there is hope in a huge Jagged Edge reunion! Until then, enjoy the sounds of Wingo, one who has always held us down on many of our favorite Jagged Edge tracks. Who can forget the runs at end of "Let's Get Married"? Just saying.

Check out the tracklist for Life of The Party and see the download link below:

1. Keep It Cool (Intro)
2. Bust It Down (Feat. Gucci Mane) [Prod. By Midnite Black]
3. Film A Movie [Prod. By King David]
4. Girls In My Pocket (Feat. K.C)
5. Take A Load Off [Prod. By King David]
6. Turn Up The Radio (Feat. Treyon)
7. Irrestiable (Feat. Lil Will) [Prod. By King David]
8. Mohawk Shawdy (RIP) (Vontae Of WMB)
9. Too Many Girls [Prod. By King David]
10. Video Girl (Feat. Trap Boiz & Roc De Carlo) [Prod. By King David]
11. Gangsta Boo (Feat. C-Bone & K.C) [Prod. By K.C]
12. X's (Feat. WildMoney Boiz)
13. Out Of Love [Prod. By Midnite Black]
14. Ain't No Lovin' Tonight
15. My Own 12 Play [Prod. By King David]
16. Computer Love Song (Feat. Bossman) [Prod. By Burcast]
17. Model For Me [Prod. By King David]
18. Movie Star [Prod. By Burcast]
19. Ain't Givin' Up (Feat. B.I.G)
20. Like Us (Feat. Charlay & K.C) [Prod. By Dj Wiz]

Download Wingo's Life of The Party here.