Winky Wright Calls Out Oscar De La Hoya

Floyd Mayweather’s abrupt retirement last week has left Oscar De La Hoya without an opponent for his scheduled September bout.

That will change if Winky Wright has his way, as the former junior middleweight champion has publicly called out the “Golden Boy” for a fall showdown.

Wright has pursued a De La Hoya bout since defeating Shane Mosley twice in 2004, and now feels the opportunity is here to bring this fight to fruition.

“It’s destiny…Floyd (Mayweather) retired, nobody cares to fight Oscar, but here I am,” Wright stated excitedly. “He can’t run from me anymore.”

Since Mayweather’s retirement last week, rumors have spread about De La Hoya seeking out Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora as possible opponents.

Despite his name not being mentioned, being inactive for the past year, and coming off a loss to Bernard Hopkins, Wright remains undeterred.

“I’m not giving up,” Wright said firmly. “If he thinks I’m going to fall back and let it go- he’s wrong. He must have forgotten who I am. I’m the guy who’s fought around the world to prove I’m the best pound for pound fighter. And after I pound Oscar, the world will see what I’ve been telling them my whole career: that I am the greatest.”

At press time there has been no response from the De La Hoya camp.