Witness Too Drunk To Remember Remy Ma Details

The assault trial of rapper Remy Ma continued yesterday (March 13) in Manhattan Criminal Court.

Prosecutors accuse Remy Ma, 26, of shooting Makeda Barnes-Joseph twice in the abdomen in July 2007, after a night of partying at a club in the Meatpacking District in Manhattan.

The shooting happened shortly after the pair argued over $3,000 dollars that was missing from Remy Ma’s purse.

Krystal Bolton, an aspiring rapper, testified yesterday (March 13) that she was sitting in a parked car, when she heard gunshots.

Although Bolton did not witness the actual shooting, she claimed Makeda Barnes-Joseph cried out "don't let me die," as Remy Ma fled the scene of the crime.

Bolton, a 25-year-old teacher’s assistant, is the third witness to testify against Remy Ma.

The New York Post reports that Bolton admitted that she was too drunk the night of the shooting to accurately recollect the events.

"I just remember a light flashing and me running to [Barnes-Joseph] on the ground," Bolton testified.

Only one of the four people present claim to have witnessed Remy Ma with a gun, as she approached Barnes-Joseph’s car.

Prosecutors also accuse Remy Ma of witness tampering, after the boyfriend of one the witnesses was assaulted in Bronx night club.

Barnes-Joseph may testify today (March 14). Remy Ma, born Remy Smith, is facing up to 25 years in prison.